4 Great Smart Home Security Gadgets You Need Right Now

4 Great Smart Home Security Gadgets You Need Right Now

The smart home market has been growing rapidly, thanks to an ever-increasing list of devices — from smart bulbs to sensors on water lines to voice-activated virtual assistants — that aim to make your life a bit easier. Perhaps the most welcome part of these advances is improved home security, with products like locks and cameras continually growing more intelligent and more integrated. To help you find the best of what’s out there, we’ve collected four of our favorite smart home security products that will help turn your home into a digital fortress.

August Smart Lock Pro

The cornerstone of any smart home security system is a smart lock, and the August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best on the market. A deadbolt you can place on any door, you can control the lock manually or through a mobile app. Installation only takes a couple minutes, you can set a schedule for when the door is locked or unlocked and you can even give out permanent digital keys to family members or temporary ones to guests.

Nest Hello Smart Doorbell

While much of the smart home security market focus is on internal security, having a view of what’s happening outside the home is crucial. And that’s where the Nest Hello Smart Doorbell comes in.

The Nest Hello connects to the wires that power your existing doorbell and works with the chime you already have in your home. Once it’s powered, you’ll be able to access the Nest Hello from the Nest app and at any moment, get a sense of what’s happening outside with the device’s 1080p video support.

When people tap the Nest Hello doorbell button, you’ll get an alert on your phone and a live view to let you see who it is. Using the device’s two-way audio, you can communicate with the person from afar. And with help from a face tracker, you can use the Nest Hello to recognize who’s at the door.

Ring Stick Up Security Camera

Amazon-owned Ring offers some of the more popular home security devices in the industry, and the company’s wire free security camera is one of them. It can be installed either indoor or outdoor, records in 1080p, full HD quality. The camera is continually looking for motion, and only records when it detects something, immediately alerting you via the Ring app. You can also watch the camera’s live feed from your device at any time.


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